House Concerts

What is a House Concert?

A house concert is just what it sounds like… a concert in someone’s home! House concerts are a unique, intimate musical experience, and they are becoming incredibly popular.  House concerts create a great opportunity for music fans to experience live performance in an intimate setting.  Brenna sometimes performs totally acoustic, without a sound system, but prefers to use a small system to improve the sound quality. 

What do you need to host a house concert? 

To have a successful house concert, you need:

  • a living room (or any space that can hold a group of friends & neighbors)
  • a group of least 20+ folks who would attend and enjoy the music
  • seating options or ask folks to bring their own folding chairs
  • a little time to organize and set up
  • a passion for supporting live music

The host(s) work to create a listening environment, usually in the living room.  Some house concerts include potlucks, with the host asking everyone to bring a snack to share. Guests are asked for a suggested donation, ranging from around $10-$20 per audience member, and the money collected goes to the artist. 

Brenna loves playing house concerts because the audiences are attentive, her lyrics get heard, and she gets to make personal connections with folks who love music!


A great resource for house concerts is a website called Concerts in Your Home. It has a wealth of information about hosting, and also lists house concert series and artists who play house concerts.  You don't have to join to use the resources.

Interested in hosting Brenna? 

Reach out to Brenna at for more info on house concerts, or for bookings.